Customer Comments

After trying the iPad Floor Stand in one of our showrooms, we decided to have Maclocks establish our digital media ‘revolution’ in every one of our France showrooms.
Alain P., Renault S.A.
The Maclocks enclosures are ideal for the Sine visitor management system. These enclosures are simple to set up and look fantastic at reception desks and contractor registration points
Antony S., Sine Application
Maclocks cases are sturdy and versatile, adding the perfect touch of technological elegance to the Shiseido counters.
Representative was helpful and patient. Much appreciated!
Lew B.
Very helpful, will purchase two of recommended product
Anna L.
100% great service, helped me straight to the point and gave me all the information I needed. I will be back here again. Well Done Maclocks!!
Kevin R.
Roy was a great help, he went above and beyond with my order. Working with him makes me and my company happy to do business again!
Trevor J.
I received very useful help from Jonathan. I highly recommend customer support to help you buy the right product.
Patty G.
A ++ absolute best service I have experienced with a chat service! I use this method often with our business and your team has been incredibly quick at finding the perfect product for our needs
Jerry S.
Excellent service, quick and easy!
Alice R.
Great Customer Service – refreshing compared to other sites. Thank you!
Marco S.
Best customer service I have ever received. Perfect and an asset to your company.
Scott Michael P., New York, NY
Maclocks stands are very solid and they have a nice and functional design. The option to secure the stands is very well received by our customers
Tessero GmbH (helloTESS!) , helloTESS!
Your customer support team has such efficiency and speed, had my answers immediately
Roger W.
Maclocks knows the importance of iPad protection in a child friendly environment, which is why we chose their kiosks to display our applications.
Robert M., Aridan Books
I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your product and your fast delivery, just as you promised!
Henrik P.
Was a pleasure to deal with, your team should train others how to handle customers!
Ray R.
Jonathan did an excellent job of quickly supplying me with exactly the information I was looking for. Great job:)
Stephanie M.
Very helpful and courteous. Was able to quickly direct me to the exact product that I needed
Ben K.
Extremely helpful and answered all my questions! I couldn’t have asked for anything better
Kathy W.
Amazing! Just had a few quick questions and the Support rep answered all of them in a very timely fashion.
Melanie R.
Excellent service, quick and easy!
Alan C.
Extremely helpful and answered all my questions! Was able to quickly direct me to the exact product that I needed; I couldn’t have asked for anything better!
Thomas G.
Representative was helpful and patient. Much appreciated
Steffen T.
Maclocks has been an incredible partner in its ability to offer a custom solution for our Humm table-mounted Nests
Chris R.
Thank you so much for excellent customer service and an excellent product.
April J.
Your standard of customer service is very high, I highly recommend your company to everyone.
Lilly T.
Good job, and thanks for making the ‘redy’ terminals perfect for point-of-sale
Samsung with 'redy'
I got the order and everything is excellent, and a huge thank you to your service team, thank you!
Bruce L.
We have been using Maclocks kiosks exclusively for 2 years, and they have held up well under the worst of conditions. They offer stylish products that are key to our company’s revenue.